Krusty's Big Head on
The 2002 World Cup Final

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Brazil 2 Germany 0:

Hello boys. This is it, the last report.

Brazil are the champs. What can I say. They have better talent, better fans. They were the best team. Germany is Germany, they will be back. But for now it's Brazil. Krusty missed the first half. Thank you Das Webboy for waking me up for the second half. I saw everything I needed to see. Krusty was cheering for Germany. Sorry Dough Boy and the Manager, you were close.

Krusty has a suggestion. Next cup will be in Germany. I need to know who is in for the Germany trip. So far Krusty, The Manager, Dough Boy and Uncle Cheese are in. We need to put in $ 10 each every week for the trip. This way we can rent a Winnabegall, with the driver. See you all in Berlin. That is all. Till 2006. --

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