Sunday: Germany v. Brazil 6:25 am CST

Krusty's Big Head on
The 2002 World Cup

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Ok, here it is Brazil vs Germany. Krustys dark horse is in. Thank you Korea and Turkey for getting out of the way.

Germany 1 South Korea 0:

The luck did run out for Korea. The class came through again. Korea put in a great effort but the German machine did the job. Was there any doubt? They will miss "Little Kaiser" in the final but they made it. Korea can stay home and concentrate on skating. Good By, you are the weakest link.

Brazil 1 Turkey 0:

Turkey, congratulations. Maybe in 36 more years we will see you again. Brazil,Brazil,Brazil. Will they choke in the final again? Will three R's come through? They did what they had to do, they beat Turkey.Krusty still can't believe that Turkey made it this far. Where is Turkey any way? Do they still have them prisons? Krusty likes women prison movies. Well, Krusty has nothing more to say. Brazil won. Now for the final. Krusty is sticking with Germany. The Krawts vs Sambas. Krusty believes that some how, Germany will get their fourth cup. It will take PK's to do it but they will be the champs. Now there will be one extra place for another team in the tournament. Germany will be the defending champs and a host country. Let's see how will FIFA will screw this up. Do we need another China or Saudi Arabia while Holland, Check Republic and should I say Ukraine sit at home. ( Ukraine lost to Germany in the playoffs ) No!!!!! Krusty says. Give it to Das Magic, they might be

old and slow but they are still a crafty side. They can loose 8:0 and still have a great time in Germany. They just want to reward the fans.

That is all. --

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