Krusty's Big Head on
The 2002 World Cup

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Ireland 1 Cameroon 1

Wow what a game. The Irish eyes are tires and the stomachs
are full of beer. It's safe to say that there will be no
houses painted today and no plumber to be found. After being
outplayed in the first half the mighty lads from the Emerald
island came back in the second half to dominate Cameroon and
earn a much deserved tie. I really liked the Camaroonians
uniforms, very nice. But the goalie in long pants just didn't
seem right. Did Cameroon let Ireland use one of their subs # 21?
Or is he from the south Ireland? Being born in Cork County
Dublin I wish then all the best.

Uruguay 1 Denmark 2

The game started out with both teams attacking. Krusty fell
asleep. Krusty wake up the score 2:1

Germany 8 Saudi Arabia 0

Wait a minute, wait....... wait......... Germany just scored
again. No wonder some of the Saudi fans had their faces covered,
I would to. Wait...... Germany just scored again. I though they
stopped using body enhancing drugs after the fall of Berlin wall.
Boy are they big. Wait one minute Germany just scored again.
Very impressive. The German machine is back. They have size,

skill, speed just like GM minus the speed thing. What's
over/under on this game 16? I think they can cover the over,
there is still 5 minutes left. Unbelievable they just scored
another one. Why or why is Saudi Arabia in and Holland, Chechs,
Romania sitting at home.

-- That is all.

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