Krusty's Big Head on
The 2002 World Cup

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After another sleepless night Krusty has a report.
By the way Germany just scored again. Yes the vision did come true.

Croatia 0 Mexico 1

I'm stunned and confused. How can a power house like Croatian loose to Mexico. What happened my dear Croatian friends. Why? Why? Why? as Nancy Kerrigan would say. To all my Mexican friend: be proud wear you sombreros to work today, name the next born Bronco, have an extra burrito for lunch you deserve it . You are in the next round. Croatia by by. Don't get me wrong I like Croatia but they are just to old. They need some young blood. Kind of reminds me of Das Magic.

Brazil 2 Turkey 1

It took Brazil a little time but they did win. Maybe not as impressive as in the past but they did win. Turkey gave them a scare but the cream did rise to the top. Lets all say together " BRAZIL BRAZIL BRAZIL", that's enough. The samba futbol is back. The beautiful game. Has anyone been to Brazil? OH..... the beaches, the carnivals, the many different stuff I can't talk about.

Italy 2 Ecuador 0

Krusty like it. Krusty gets his $10 back. Krusty has Italy in the pool. Italy score 2 goal but only need 1. The best defense shines

again. Not flashy but very effective game plan work again. If they can't score we can't loose, the Italian way. Italy has the easy group, and they are in. Let's see Ecuador a win, Croatia a win, Mexico a win. Maldiny is in his last World Cup. He will go down in history as one of the best defenders in the game. I like their chances.

That is all.

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