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Denmark vs. Senegal 1:15 am CST
Cameroon vs. Saudi Arabia 4:00 am CST
France vs. Uruguay 6:30 am CST

Krusty's Big Head on
The 2002 World Cup

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Confidential note to Das Webboy: Can you please delete the " I DON'T THINK SO!" comment from the previous report. Krusty was not felling well. Krusty ran out of Marlboro Lights and was smoking Lucky Stripes. Major head rush, not thinking straight. Thank You.
And now with the report.

Russia 2 Tunisia 0:
What a non stop action game. The atmosphere in the stadium
was electric. Russia team had nice shoes and Tunisia..........
Yes, excellent game. Russian women had their Sunday Babushkas
on, and the men were sober. OK, OK I can't go on. You got me.
I didn't see the game. Krusty was painting his face Red, White
( no need for Blue ) for the US game. But who cares, Krusty
don't like Russia and don't even know were Tunisia is.

USA 3 Portugal 2:
USA USA USA !!!!!!. I told you that US and Korea are in.
I told you that Portugal is out. Check yesterdays report.
( Das Webboy I need you now.) [CLICK HERE] Figo Shpigo, we have McBride, Beasley and the boys. Hey Figo, take your white shoes and what ever. We deserve to win. US had nicer uniforms, better looking fans, and God darn it people just like us. Next games will be a walk through for the US. Soccer mom's rejoice, its your dedication to the game that pulled us through. Let's not forget the auto industry, they are the ones who make mini

vans. And Coleman for making coolers and folding chairs.
Thank You. Thank You.

Germany 1 Ireland 1:
The Irish did it again. Go kiss the Blarney Stone have
another pint, a win against Saudi Arabia and you are in.
The German machine never got out of second gear. Hey Juanker,
two words " Anger Management". Please do it. Can we have
another round of drinks. I hope Roy Keane is happy, Mick was
correct Irish don't need him. On we go PS good time to get
some plumbing done. Nice discounts.

Well that is all.
I'm out of here. President Bush just made today a national holiday.
Didn't he? I'm of to down town Alsip. We will close down some streets and have a rage. See you all there.

That is all.

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