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Sweden vs. Nigeria 1:15 am CST
Spain vs. Paraguay 4:00 am CST
Argentina vs. England 6:30 am CST

Krusty's Big Head on
The 2002 World Cup

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Here we go. Krusty was catching up on his sleep last night, only watched first half of France game. But this never stopped me before. On with the report..

Denmark 1 Senegal 1:
The Cinderella story continues. Senegal is one point away from making to the second round. Wait a minute, so is Denmark. Krusty needs to check the standing.
After further review Krusty is confused.

Cameroon 1 Saudi Arabia 0:
Congratulation to Saudi Arabia, only one goal. Any way you look at it one is better than eight, against that is. But here comes Ireland and they need two. My money is on Ireland. Cameroon needs to beat Germany. I DON'T THINK SO!! By By Cameroon.

France 0 Uruguay 0:
Some one please tell me, what is wrong with France? One point after two games? Is the dynasty over? Can they win the next game? Will four points be enough? Will Krusty get back in shape? Will Sir Audenbald like his new job? Will Mick McCarthy wear cleats and shin guards next game? This reminds me of the song. "So many man. So little time. How can I live. So many man" You know the rest.

By for now. That is all.

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