South Korea v. Spain 1:25 am CST
Senegal v. Turkey 6:25 am CST

Krusty's Big Head on
The 2002 World Cup

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On with the report. .

Brazil 2 England 1:
Mr. Spice was not so good this time, was he? The Samba futboll is back. But somebody PLEASE do something about Rivaldo. Krusty is really getting sick of Rivaldo and his crap. How many times does he need to go down holding his face? Will some one give him a good bloody whack. Good by England and when you come back please bring some defender with skill. All they can do is hit the ball long. Don't blame the goalie, blame your midfield that was very ordinary today.

Germany 1 USA 0:
OK, now the country can go back to the real sport. Yes, you know it: Baseball. Lets keep on idolizing these overpaid, spoiled, steroid using babies. These are some great athletes. I would really like to see Samy Sofa run for 90 minutes. My hat is off to USA. They showed the world that they can play. They were the better team. Just a thought: if US would of won would they have enough players for the next game? Dear Ranger and Celtic fans. I know were Hugh Dallas been hiding these last two weeks. After this game, I can see why they pay him a home visit after every "OLD FIRM DERBY" As the old saying goes "Every futboll game is 90 minutes long. Played by 22 men and at the end Germany wins".

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