Tuesday: Germany v. South Korea 6:25 am CST
Wednesday: Brazil v. Turkey 6:25 am CST

Krusty's Big Head on
The 2002 World Cup

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Well Well Well. What do we have? Lets see. Four games left ,if you count the third place game. How bad will the refs decisions effect the outcome this time?

South Korea 0 Spain 0:

South Korea win on penalty kicks 5-3 Spain did choke with a little help from the ref. But what is up with Korea? Why are they winning? Is it the players? No. Is it the coach? Maybe. Is it fitness? Could be. Is it luck? Very possible. Is it home field? Doesn't hurt. NO!! It's these stinking refs that come from God knows were and think that they are the ones we want to see. We have seen cards of all different colors, we have seen hand balls that were not called, we have seen some of the worst decisions EVER MADE in the finals. How do they get their FIFA licenses. OK Krusty needs a Marlboro, Spain did score, but they should of scored more, they always choke, so why should this be any different. Korea will need more luck next game. The German machine is waiting. Germany will prevail, take this to the bank. The Korean luck has just left town in a German Mercedes Benz. Prediction Germany 76 Korea 2 DA COOAACHH!!!!!!

Senegal 0 Turkey 1:

What was that? Krusty woke up to watch this crap. If Krusty wanted to fall asleep he could of watched the Cubs game. Are they still playing? Now Krusty needs a drink........... OK. So Turkey wants

another shot at Brazil. Here it is, go and get it. Hey Turkey what are you thinking? You must be smoking some bad stuff. You want another shot? Krustys over/under on cards is 14 and on Rinaldo holding his face 9. Turkey will end this game with 8 players and Brazil with 9. Brazil will win 3:0 but will lose 5 players due to yellow and red cards. Krusty needs another drink.

That is all. --

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