'Das Golden Boot'

WINNER (10.12.2003): Edward 'Eddy V' Vucinic

No doubt about the first recipient of 'The Golden Boot'....

Making a great stride this past week from 'the guy in goal'
to 'Das Magic's Goalie'. Eddy Vucinic delivered a stellar performance.
Moving to the left, to the right, up, down, making save after save.....
excuse me....I mean to say, saves and more saves.

I find it extremely fitting that eddy is the first 'Bronze Boot'
award winner. Having been with the club since its formation, it would
not be a stretch to say; eddy has played more games in a Das Magic jersery
than any other player in our history.

After many years as the stalwart sweeper back for the football club,
he stepped up to the plate when the club needed a goalie. While still a
force on the field, he has dipped his toe in the 'corporate club', taking
on the Das Magic endowment as the Chief Financial Officer for the club.

This stroll through his history is nice, but, the performance on Sunday
morning was sweet......dude.....sweet.....dude....sweet..(but, I digress).
Not only was Eddy making saves in bunches of three and four, he put the cherry
on top of the sunday with the save of a penalty shot. Eddy modestly said of
the save, I just decided I would leave early, and he kicked it right to me.

Let me be the first to congratulate the first Golden Boot Boy,
and my brother, Eddy V..Eddy V..Eddy V!!!