'Das Golden Boot'

WINNER (09.25.2004): Virgis 'Vergie' Zurumskis

After a week when, honorably, nobody wanted the Golden Boot,
Das Magic's fortunes have changed.

In a crucially important game in the table, the latest Das Magic
aquistion of the new international: 'Vergie' paid big dividends.
After paying a league record, $15 USD transfer fee, for the new comer
at the end of last season, G.M. Eric Jenig is quoted as saying, simply:
"Today, he showed us that he is worth every cent!"

Starting out slowly in the first half, he showed his metal when the team
needed him most. At half time, 'Vergie' said: "man, I can't believe I
didn't score that one right in front of the net...I was looking for an
opening, but, there were four guys in front of the net." To earn the Golden
Boot, he scored almost two identical, trap, spin, rocket into the back of
the net, goals. To cap a 'brilliant' second half, he chipped in an assist
on the header by Herbie to tie the game. Finally, he forcedn a penalty kick
for the go ahead goal.

Lucky he didn't start scoring until the second half....As the opposing
team 'figured him out'....'Just shut down that left foot'; as we as know,
much easier said than done. In the quote of the day, mr. chris roe stated,
'Really, you figured him out!'

Who wants it next week............?


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