'Das Golden Boot'

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Edin 'Edo' Abdagic

Even though the Golden Boot was not present (last week's
winner, Timmy N. was still in the hospital from an
emergency appendectomy), and nobody was much in the
mood to think about the weekly award after the game,
the winner was cristal clear.

Our Bosnian import, Edin 'Edo' Abdagic playes excellent
defense from the stopper position and buried two
stellar goals to give us a fighting chance.

With our normal troops depleated due to injury, vacation,
and injury, Edo seemed like a perfect 'filler' player
to plug some 'old guy' gaps in our midfield. Not
only did he step up, he did it in grand fashion.

About midway through the first half, Edo looked to be
chipping to the penalty area off an indirect kick from
about thirty-five out. Instead, he tapped a flat ball
to the outside right which was returned to him on a
single touch. He then knocked the ball to his outside
right and hit a blistering shot to the upper center
of the goal catching the keeper flat and giving us
possesion of a 1-0 lead.

But, he wasn't done. After the game was tied, we were
all pushed up for a corner. As the ball bounce out
of the scrum in front of the net, Edo met the ball on
a half volly and buried it in the lower right side
allowing us to walk off the field at half with a 2-1

Nice work all around and thank to all the 'extra' Das
Magic players this week.

Who wants it next week............ I see something.....


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