'Das Golden Boot'

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Virginijus 'Vigis' Zuromskus

Virgis has turned in some stellar performances over the
past few Das Magic seasons, but, some injuries and a
new baby has slowed his production on the field this

But, with the spring season ending and an opponent that
challenged us, and brought out our fiercest play, virgis
made sure there was no doubt about the outcome of this game.

Starting out his goal tally with a deadball from about 22,
the ball slid to the outside, upper corner before the
goalie could even catch his breath.

He continued to play very strongly, completely controlling
the midfield. throughout the game he methodically added
two more goals for a total of three for the game.

Although we were out of the table competion for the session,
it was great to see virgis lead the team to a solid victory.

Who wants it next week............ I see something.....


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