'Das Golden Boot'

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Chris 'Patch' Bartley

In only his second appearance in his prized Das Magic jersey, the newcomer, Chris Barley, proudly carried home our most coveted team recognition. This, of course, is the Golden Boot Award (GBA). The used, formerly smelly, tackily spray painted cleat is voted on by your fellow magicians and given to the player that contributed the most to the current week's match.

Chris had an excellent game. He scored our first goal on a twenty footer from the top of the box. The low, hard shot was the equalizer to make it 1-1 after fifteen minutes of pressure by our squad.

After taking a close-range shot of the ball to his right cheek/eye early in the second half, we thought we was going to kick back and enjoy a beverage and the rest of the game from the sideline. Not this guy. He asked to go back in and held control of the midfield the remainder of the game. To put the icing on the cake, he assisted nick roe on a sweet 'tippy tap' give and go to cement the match final score at 3-1.

Way to make an early impression....cheers!

Who wants it next week............ I see something.....


Previous 'Golden Boot' Winners

SPRING 2007:
Henry 'Lightning' Barsch: 05.20.2007
Timmy 'Bulldog' Neighbors: 05.12.2007
Bob 'DasWebBoy' Vucinic: 04.29.2007

FALL 2006:
Jimmy 'Beans' Harkness: 10.22.2006
Christopher 'Chubbs' Roe: 10.15.2006
Henry 'The Deliverer' Barsch: 10.08.2006
Timmy 'Bulldog' Neighbors: 09.24.2006
Eric 'G.M.' Jenig: 09.17.2006
Henry 'The Deliverer' Barsch: 09.10.2006
Chad 'The Professor' Mozden: 08.26.2006
Christopher 'Chubbs' Roe: 08.19.2006

SPRING 2006:
Douglas 'Dougie' Olson: 06.18.2006
Virginijus 'Virgis' Zurumskus: 06.18.2006
Edin 'Edo' Abdagic: 06.18.2006
Timmy 'Bulldog' Neighbors: 06.11.2006
Alex 'Paiza' Esparza: 06.04.2006
Trent 'O Canada' Douglas: 05.21.2006
Gary 'Fergie' Ferguson: 05.14.2006
Tommy 'Tomazinyo' Vucinic: 04.29.2006
Timmy Neighbors 04.22.2006
Chris Roe 04.08.2006
Eric 'G.M.' Jenig 10.16.2005
No Winner (Lincoln Park) 10.01.2005
IHOR ??? 09.25.2005
Bob Vucinic 09-18-2005
Jonathan 'Irish' O'Sullivan 09-11-2005
Podraig O'Sullivan 08-27-2005
Ihor's Officiating 10-17-2004
NO WINNER 10-10-2004
Joe 'Formerly Stoner' Harkness 10-01-2004
Vergis 'Vergie' Zurumskus 09-25-2004
Anton 'Dough Boy' Jenig 09-25-2004
Edward 'Eddy V' Vucinic 10-12-2003