'Das Golden Boot'

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Tommy 'The Hair' Waters
(Mark 'Sutero' Suda)

Eric G.M. had absolutely no chance of reclaiming the Golden Boot this weekend (although he did have a solid shot at the 'Pink Boot').

In a game with several strong performances in the our second half recovery, the voting was close between Marky Mark Suda and Tommy 'Hair' Waters.

Mr. Suda, as his employees call him, was the spark that changed the momentum of the match. After crawling into the second half on the back of bad finishing and bickering, Mark buried a penalty kick gained by a handball to get us on the scoreboard. Then in quick succession, he followed with a killer from about twenty five or thirty yards out on the right side of the offensive zone. To complete the hat trick, he drilled a drop back pass from the G.M. at the sixteen which tied the game.

Tommy W. not only turned in another staunch defensive performance, his push forward and left-footed half volly passed a diving keeper gave us the lead for good. At 4-3 Das Magic, GR-04 was pretty much done.

The 'Boot' was awarded to Tommy Aqua with a solid honorable mention for Mark S (he got to hold the boot until he left after the game....).

Who wants it next week............ I see something.....


Previous 'Golden Boot' Winners

SPRING 2007:
Eric 'G.M.' Jenig
Chris 'Patch' Bartley
Henry 'Lightning' Barsch: 05.20.2007
Timmy 'Bulldog' Neighbors: 05.12.2007
Bob 'DasWebBoy' Vucinic: 04.29.2007

FALL 2006:
Jimmy 'Beans' Harkness: 10.22.2006
Christopher 'Chubbs' Roe: 10.15.2006
Henry 'The Deliverer' Barsch: 10.08.2006
Timmy 'Bulldog' Neighbors: 09.24.2006
Eric 'G.M.' Jenig: 09.17.2006
Henry 'The Deliverer' Barsch: 09.10.2006
Chad 'The Professor' Mozden: 08.26.2006
Christopher 'Chubbs' Roe: 08.19.2006

SPRING 2006:
Douglas 'Dougie' Olson: 06.18.2006
Virginijus 'Virgis' Zurumskus: 06.18.2006
Edin 'Edo' Abdagic: 06.18.2006
Timmy 'Bulldog' Neighbors: 06.11.2006
Alex 'Paiza' Esparza: 06.04.2006
Trent 'O Canada' Douglas: 05.21.2006
Gary 'Fergie' Ferguson: 05.14.2006
Tommy 'Tomazinyo' Vucinic: 04.29.2006
Timmy Neighbors 04.22.2006
Chris Roe 04.08.2006
Eric 'G.M.' Jenig 10.16.2005
No Winner (Lincoln Park) 10.01.2005
IHOR ??? 09.25.2005
Bob Vucinic 09-18-2005
Jonathan 'Irish' O'Sullivan 09-11-2005
Podraig O'Sullivan 08-27-2005
Ihor's Officiating 10-17-2004
NO WINNER 10-10-2004
Joe 'Formerly Stoner' Harkness 10-01-2004
Vergis 'Vergie' Zurumskus 09-25-2004
FALL 2003:
Anton 'Dough Boy' Jenig 09-25-2004
Edward 'Eddy V' Vucinic 10-12-2003