'Das Golden Boot'

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Henry 'The Deliverer' Barsch
(Erik 'G.M.' Jenig)
(Ihor 'Ukie' Prokip)

This week we were looking to cut the boot into (at least) three.... Between Ihor suiting up, Erik G.M. coming back in after a painful looking back injury, and Henry's two goal performance, it was a decidedly tough decision. Because of the last minute game-tying tally, Henry will be hanging the Golden Boot from the rear view mirror of his cargo van for the next week.

Lacing up the boots after a self-imposed four year retirement, mister Ihor Prokip checked in with a solid effort with a two assist game from the right outside wing. As he strolled onto the field with a final sip of beer and an unextinguished cigarette in hand, the expectations were extremely low. His solid effort would have earned him this boot on another day. His tuesday morning call of 'I hate you' and 'I am in such a pain!' proved he worked hard for the money (or that he is just ridiculously out of shape).

Eric GM continues to 'do it' on both sides of the center mark. After making some solid saves he moved forward to knotch our first goal. Eventhough he went down with a painful back injury, he game on late because we needed him. 'The G.M. was instrumental in causing fits up front and getting the assist on the final goal.

Finally, 'The Deliverer' lived up to his formerly descriptive moniker. By scoring the second and forth game tying goals, he definitely delivered the goods when we needed it. Cheers 'Barsch', mark kulan would be proud!

Who wants it next week (big game)............ I see something.....


Previous 'Golden Boot' Winners

SPRING 2007:
Tommy 'The Hair' Waters / (Mark 'Sutero' Suda)
Eric 'G.M.' Jenig
Chris 'Patch' Bartley
Henry 'Lightning' Barsch: 05.20.2007
Timmy 'Bulldog' Neighbors: 05.12.2007
Bob 'DasWebBoy' Vucinic: 04.29.2007

FALL 2006:
Jimmy 'Beans' Harkness: 10.22.2006
Christopher 'Chubbs' Roe: 10.15.2006
Henry 'The Deliverer' Barsch: 10.08.2006
Timmy 'Bulldog' Neighbors: 09.24.2006
Eric 'G.M.' Jenig: 09.17.2006
Henry 'The Deliverer' Barsch: 09.10.2006
Chad 'The Professor' Mozden: 08.26.2006
Christopher 'Chubbs' Roe: 08.19.2006

SPRING 2006:
Douglas 'Dougie' Olson: 06.18.2006
Virginijus 'Virgis' Zurumskus: 06.18.2006
Edin 'Edo' Abdagic: 06.18.2006
Timmy 'Bulldog' Neighbors: 06.11.2006
Alex 'Paiza' Esparza: 06.04.2006
Trent 'O Canada' Douglas: 05.21.2006
Gary 'Fergie' Ferguson: 05.14.2006
Tommy 'Tomazinyo' Vucinic: 04.29.2006
Timmy Neighbors 04.22.2006
Chris Roe 04.08.2006
Eric 'G.M.' Jenig 10.16.2005
No Winner (Lincoln Park) 10.01.2005
IHOR ??? 09.25.2005
Bob Vucinic 09-18-2005
Jonathan 'Irish' O'Sullivan 09-11-2005
Podraig O'Sullivan 08-27-2005
Ihor's Officiating 10-17-2004
NO WINNER 10-10-2004
Joe 'Formerly Stoner' Harkness 10-01-2004
Vergis 'Vergie' Zurumskus 09-25-2004
FALL 2003:
Anton 'Dough Boy' Jenig 09-25-2004
Edward 'Eddy V' Vucinic 10-12-2003