'Das Golden Boot'

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Timmy 'Bulldog' Neighbors

The return of 'Bulldog Neighbors' also marked the return of the Golden Boot Award. After a three week absence, due to the fact that nobody played with enough excellence to distinguish them from the herd, the GBA is back!

For a pleasant change, choosing this week's winner was not an easy task. Tommy W. played one of his best games of the season sweeping behind a solid, but slow and old defensive crew (that doesn't include you Alex E.). Johnny M was working hard and making dangerous runs down the left flank and the newcomer, Diaz worked the middle well with Mark and Alex B.

The two standouts were Chris Roe with a goal and two assists and Tim Neighbors with four shots, two goals and a steamer of a shot that could have threw the keeper into the net if he caught it instead of deflected it. What made it tougher was that both of Tim's goals were assisted by Mr. Roe. If not for the missed penalty kick, the Boot would be hanging from his rear view mirror right now.

Well, it seems like marriage, a honeymoon and a couple weeks off was just what the doctor ordered for 'Bulldog'. His two header goals merit him the Golden Boot Award for this week.

Who wants it next game, I see something..............

Previous 'Golden Boot' Winners

Spring 2008:
Trent 'Oh Canada' Douglas
Ben 'McCool' Shepherd
Mark 'Mitch' Mitchell
Timmy 'Bulldog' Neighbors

FALL 2007:
Anton 'DoughBoy' Jenig
Henry 'The Deliverer' Barsch
Henry 'The Deliverer' Barsch
Ihor 'Da Coach' Prokip
Bob 'dasWebBoy' Vucinic