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WrapUp for 04-28-2002

Another Sunday has come and gone and the DasMagic Football Club is still undefeated. I have this theory that the reason we have not had a sunny warm day when we play at home is Ihor. The one Sunday we played, that was nice out, he decided to take his shirt off and sunbathe. I do not think that the gods were happy about that one. They have given us cold weather in order to stop Ihor from ever doing that again. Now on a good note, I never thought I would see the day when Ihor, our Ihor, would out-sprint someone down the sidelines and gain possession of the ball. It happened, it really did just ask anyone who was there and they will tell you. He played about 55 minutes with no mistakes, and we thought Ihor had no endurance.

We are in first place by goal differential. Fulton's goal in the final minutes of the match put us over the top. Some of the good news is that we have scored 16 goals in four matches, 4 goals per game, that is a pretty good average. Thanks to stellar performances by our keeper we have only allowed 4 goals. Eddie, it seems like your plan to avoid being the permanent starting goalie does not seem to be working, you are doing a pretty good job.

Now for some of the not so good news. We had 14 shots taken from inside the box, three resulted in goals and the other 11 landed in the tennis courts. I'm not saying that my abilities are any better than the average 8th grader, but I think that when we have shots from inside the box we should put in more than 21% of them. Maybe this has something to do with not practicing in the middle of the week, maybe it doesn't.

We need to give special thanks to all those of you who brought beer, not only did you quench the thirst of the might DasMagicians but you helped stabilize the nets so that they would not knock out the goalies. Thank you.

Special mention goes to Trent, Chris, Tony, Eric, and Tommy for good performances.

We might have some injuries, Tommy walked off limping, Fulton pulled a muscle, and Ihor's ego was hurt because Eric did not invite him to his get-together last week.

We play Gingers next week at IIT off of 31st. Henry said not to park by the guys with the crobars, wrenches, and crates they might be up to no good. They are in fourth place and we beat them 6-1 in our opening game.

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