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WrapUp for 05-05-2002

When the directions to the game said we were playing at IIT I thought we would be playing on a nice field within the IIT campus. At worst, I thought maybe we would be playing on some genetically engineered grass. But when the first of us arrived there were lead pipes, broken bottles, and a large variety of unidentifiable objects on and all around the field. This had to be the worst of it all. It could not possibly get any worse, so we thought..

The whistle blew at 10:10 a.m. and the might undefeated DasMagicians were short two men on the field. Where was the rest of the team? Were we going to play the whole match 9 on 11? Our star goalie (EDDIE) and starting defender (TOMMY) were injured. But just as stated in the DasMagic operations manual 25% of the team shall arrive 15-20 minutes late, and so they did. By the 10th minute of the game we were at full force and had two reserves on the sidelines. .

The first goal was scored by the opposing team due to a defensive let down and the first place team was down 1-0 in the 20th minute. It was definitely not one of the best performances of the year for the DasMagicians. The equalizer came at the 40th minute when Herbie took a rocket shot from the top of the box that flew right by the goalie. At the half we were all tied up. We knew that we were not playing good but we felt that we would win

the match. After all they had one shot on goal, they made it, and we were all over them with at least 8 shots. But the curse that haunted us last week was still with us this week. We could not put one in.

In the opening minutes of the second half they lined a corner kick to the near post and managed to squeak it by us. The score was 2-1 now. Trent hit the post and almost tied it up again with a nice free kick. Then the opposing team went in for the kill, with about 20 minutes left in the game they scored their third goal. The DasMagicians were down 3-1. Was this the end of the undefeated run? Were we destined to stay in the second division? .

It seems like Ihor's third law of DasMagician Dynamics is true, we are a second half team. With 15 minutes left on the clock Tommy W. shot a PK in the bottom left hand corner of the net well out of reach of the goalie. We were still one goal down, and Mr. Tommy W. would come thru again. With 3 min. left the crossed the ball into the box, it was headed by a man in red then landed on the foot of none other than Ben, who placed it in the bottom left corner of the net with surgical precision. The final score was 3-3 not a win but we still remain undefeated.

Our next match is at home versus Gary. We beat them 2-1 on the astro-turf in the second week of the season. They are currently in 5th place. Will the GM make an appearance this week? Will there be an Ihor sighting at practice? Only time will tellů

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Till next week,
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