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WrapUp from 05-12-2002

It was definitely a “mudder’s day” on Mother’s Day. After debating for 15 minutes about playing or postponing the game the home team finally got on the field and began the match. The red team started the match with a rookie goalie and Ihor in right midfield. In the first 10 minutes the visiting team caught the DasMagicians off guard and scored a goal, but with 15 minutes remaining in the 1st half, they had responded with two goals of their own.

At the start of the second half the still undefeated DasMagicians were soaked from head to toe and our biggest crowd of fans this year (all under 4 feet) were huddled by the backstop covered by an array of umbrellas. Two members of the opposing team decided to leave because their fingers hurt, they would never cut it on the mighty DasMagician squad, and it was all down hill from there for the visiting side. The attack began with shots from outside the box and moved closer to the net. There were goals scored by Phil, Fulton, Anton, Eric and Ihor. Yes I said Ihor. He put in a rebound off of a brutal attempt at goal from 5 feet away by none other than the GM. Ihor returned the favor with a brilliant set play when the home team was awarded a PK.

Sitting on the sidelines for a couple minutes in the second half I was able to admire the “mudders” in their natural habitat. It seemed like they were passing the

ball to each other in the puddles on purpose. I even heard our GM tell Anton, “give it to me in the puddle,” and later in the game he shouted, “let me in there (the scrum in the water).”

The laughter that Ihor produced by falling over into a puddle was un-describable and Fulton left more to be desired scoring only one of many opportunities and by missing a header and hitting both a crossbar and a post.

Next week we play the other undefeated team in the league, FC Charter, at home. We currently have 4 wins 1 draw 0 losses and have 13 points. Next weeks match will determine the first place spot. A win would give us sole possession of first place.

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Till next week,
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