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WrapUp from 05-26-2002

It was a beautiful day to bring out the kids and spouses to come watch the DasMagicians play soccer. It was the first time that I have ever played on a field without lines, and that is probably why I missed 3 wide open shots, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The game was ours from the beginning, Tony opened up the scoring with a world cup caliber goal chipping the goalie and putting it in the upper left hand corner of the net. It only got better from there. Fergie and Ihor managed to put two goals in a piece. The other goal scores were Doug and Phil. The final score was 7-3. The home team managed a few goals here and there. Eddie had a decent game in goal and Tony’s season debut defending the net was also good.

Overall, we do not have any trouble putting the ball in the net we have 35 goals in 8 games, that is 4.375 goals per game. It seems like one of our biggest weakness is getting back on defense, our midfield need to get back and help with some of the forwards running thru. We have allowed 18 goals in 8 games, that is 2.25 goals per game. That seems a little high.

The question now is, “where will we end up when the season is over?” The way the table is now, we are in first place with 19 points, but we have played two more games than the second place team, FC Charter, they have 18 points. Last season some of the games that were postponed due to rain were not played, so if that happens

this season we will end up in first and move up. That would be a little funny that the rain, which we love to play in, is the reason why we win our division and move up?

Our next game is against Emil Ergo Sum, which we beat 4-1 back in April, at Washington Park.

See you all Wed.,
The Statistician

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Till next week,
The Statistician

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