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WrapUp from 10-19-2003

I do not believe that any Das Magician would
have honestly thought that at the end of the
season we would be where we are today. When we
lost a combined 12-0 in our first two games, I
was a little worried about the turnout and the
possible losing rout we were in. Now that the two
leagues were combined I believed we were going to have
a tough time. In the 2 years I have played we had not
beaten any teams that had come down from the first
division, but look at the Das Magicians now. We are a
force to be reckoned with, no longer will we hear
opposing teams utter �WE ARE LOOSING TO DAS MAGIC.�

With De Paul�s loss on Sunday to Force and our win
against Glen Ellyn we are tied for first place. Here
is the way it will play out. If we win and De Paul ties
or looses we are the champs. If De Paul wins as well, and
it goes to head to head results, or goal differential they
beat us so we are in second.

Although we all have had our momentary lapses in judgment,
during the course of the season we have had many contributors
to our 6-0 run. Harkness and family has come out and made
memorable plays, including Jimmy�s goal off of Eric�s foot.
Some of the new class of Das Magicians have made their mark on
both sides of the ball as well. Reed with his almost one goal per

game average (.9999) (he did not score this week, even though he
received a nice pass from JTM that led to a penalty). Felipe with his
great defensive play, and honorable mentions to Trent, Roe and

These performances have been impressive, but the most remarkable
aspect of the season for me has been the consistent play of the
veterans. Eddie V�s outstanding play in goal; Tommy, Herbie, and
Bobby�s solid play in the back; Anton, Eric, Eddie, Fergi, and Ihor�s
control in the midfield, and the consistent speedy presence of the
Olsens. I feel that even though we might argue from time to time, about mostly
trivial things, we have come together as a team. Young and �older�
(born before 1970), fast and �slower� (Ihor), we have learned to play
together and win.

Let�s win on Sunday.

The Statistician

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Till next week,
The Statistician

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