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WrapUp from 09-25-2004

"It doesn't matter...the game is over"; that was the
quote from Ihor after the we let up our fourth goal
to the Global rangers. It is a good thing that nobody
pays any attention to what Ihor says.

It wasn't the stongest defensive first half we ever played.
Ending with fourth goal from the opposition that was a bad cross
from about 40 yards out.

Good thing for Das Magic, when the second half started, the
defense stiffened, the goals for the other team slowed to a
trickle, we started to knock the ball around like 'Brazil',
and Vergie realized the the game had begun. In classic 'Vergie'
fashion, in a matter of fifteen minutes, he received two balls
at about the 22, trapped 'to the left', turned and nailed a
couple of lazers into the netting.

It wasn't the prettiest game in the Das Magic schedule this
year, but, 'the lads' never gave up. It seems like the new
'no bitching' rule has turned the tide on the season.

Let's win on Sunday.

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