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WrapUp from 10-02-2004

The game was moved up to 9:30, team stalwarts Anton,
Herbie, chris r, tommy v. and trent were not going to show,
and we were playing the first place 'Lincoln Park' football
club. Needless to say, a victory wasn't the likeliest result.

The situation looked a bit better when the other squad only
showed 7 players by gametime. We weren't in the greatest situation
ourselves with only 10. By 10 minutes in, both teams where in a
better spot with the opposition finding 3 more players and four more
Magicians made an appearence.

Although there were a few close calls in the early going, for the
most part, Das magic held L Park at bay while creating several
chances on the offensive side of the field. One of the best
opportunities was a deadball that Vergie hit off the underside of
the bar. This week's Golden Boot winner, Joey, was a force on the
outside forward with his give an go work and fleet footed runs. All
his work is more impressive with the knowledge that he
was making hash browns and sausage for his mates while watching
'JFK' at 5:00am ("He bought a Coke"). The fact the he still showed,
and played well shows that this youngster has truely become a Das

Magic player. Later, things looked up when Bernardo's cross/pass/ shot snuck into the side netting for a 1-0 lead.

With the excellent marking of the latest addition to the Das Magic
crew, Alfonso, we were able to concentrate on the securing the
victory. Agressively knocking the ball around the pitch, we created
several opportunities to score. Finally, after kicking a field goal
on a 'gimme', Vergis buried a cracker in the side netting to give us
a 2 goal advantage.

Johnny TM, Sombras, sealed the deal with a knock in at the far
post from a well crossed ball that the goalie deflected to Johnny's
foot. With the first shutout posted by Eddy V, that was more than

Although the other team played a man short, Das Magic definitely
put in a solid effort against the first place, undefeated team. We
marked well, passed well, and never lost our composure. That
sounds like a recipe for Das Magic's return to our former glory days.

Let's win on Sunday.

The Statistician

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Till next week,
The Statistician

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