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WrapUp from 10-10-2004


Fulton scored his first goal of the year on a cheeky half
volley over the goalie's head and under the crossbar early
in the first half. We added another soon after making the
score 2-0 in favor of the home team. The opposition continued
to attack, but really only created two or three decent
opportunities....the last resulting in a goal off a deflected
ball shortly before half time. Things looked pretty good for
another Das Magic victory........sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Fergie left at half, erich was a pain in his own head....for
a change and could play more than 5 minutes. Chris Roe was
a no show because he watched his brother's game in Iowa, and
finally, Vergie was out with an achilles, plus herbie
pulled his hammie. In other words, between our defense and
O-fense was a huge chasm...lacking speed and fitness. As the
half counted down, the repeated attaches started to give way
to goals...2..3...4...5...6...and finally 7. We looked
helpless, and we were! Dragging so much ass by the end of
the game, nobody played with enough distinction to win the
golden boot.

Must give some kudos to Suda and Reed on the top...tried
working it to the end.

Let's recover against Celtic this weekend, 10:00 sharp at
the home field Marist.

Let's win on Sunday.

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Till next week,

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