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WrapUp from 10-10-2004

It is Tuesday afternoon and I still cannot believe that we
lost that game on sunday????

Complete domination! Das Magic dominated the game. When
a chip at the exhaused henry barsch bounced over his flailing
body for the first goal, it was downright comical (we forgive
you henry, one hour of sleep is not enough for any of us).

Although there defense blocked 4 or 5 point blank shots, and
the goalie was stellar, we still should have easily scored a
minimum of 4 goals. They barely got off 3 shots on goal, and
couldn't work into our defense. Their only attackes where
brake aways against and admittedly slow but steady Das Magic
defense. Kudos to felipe for his return at stopper. He makes
us forget how much we have missed Trent marking down the middle.

The number of balls saved off the goal line and missed from inside 10 is downright disappointing.

Let's make our mark and take down the first place team
depaul once again. If we play half as well and finish twice
as well....we win easily..

Let's win on Sunday.

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Till next week,

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