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WrapUp from 08-27-2005

Well, what a stong start to the season being called 'The Return of The Champions' by the sports writers of chicago. Das Magic is back, baby (that is if we show for the away games)

It took being two goals down and about 40 minutes into
the match, but, the Das Magic Football Club finally woke up
and beat the Brits into submission. With the admittedly
laskluster play of our goal keeper, mr. barsch (he admitted it
not me), we started to make our mark on the score board

Using the two Irish imports for our first three goals,
Das Magic tied the game, than swiftly took our first lead
which we never relinquished. Timmy Neighbors and
a few others contributed goals to raise our total to six.
Celtic FC sprinkled in 2 late goals for a final tally
of 6 - 4

Another away game this week against Glenn Elyn, let's have
a solid showing

Let's win on Sunday.

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Till next week,

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