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WrapUp from 09-11-2005

On a rock hard pitch which lack a sufficent supply of
grass, the condition of which made it difficult for even the
most skilled player to control the ball. In the first
fourty-five minutes, neither squad was able to make the
decisive first strike

Although I didn't get a clear view of the first goal, Vigis
reported in the post game press conference that the Glen Elynn keeper
miss-cleared the ball, allowing him to give us a 1-0 lead.
That seemed to break the opposition. Any offensive push they
showed upto that point mostly faded to an occasional long
ball that had no chance of beating Chad and Tommy in the back.
In the last twenty minutes of the match, Virgi added another goal
on an expertly struck direct kick from about twenty out. Jonathan
'Irish' O'Sullivan added two of his own. The second was a well
drawn up play consisting of only four touches from our
own defense to a superb half-volly finsh to the upper left going a long way to earning Irish this week's Das Magic Golden Boot!

It is notable that we got henrie his first shutout ever. Although
he worked hard to at least allow one goal on a (mis)played big
bounce. Also, it should be pointed out that Timmy Neighbors put in
a valient effort all day (eventhough he couldn't push the ball past the
the force field covering the goal that only affected him). He was
especially strong on a half-pitch run down the left wing that
include him beating four men, losing and regaining the ball with
a slide tackle and a great cross that earned him a standing ovation
from the bench.

Another away game this week against Ginger Ale House out on the
artificial pitch on 32nd and central. Grab an extra hour of sleep, the
game is not until 11:00. Let's have a solid showing again.

Let's win on Sunday.

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Till next week,

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