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WrapUp from 09-18-2005

It was a rough start to game day morning....because of some
misinformation (read eddyV) the club showed at Marist H.S.
for a 10:00am start. As the clock ticked past 10:05, the
only people there were twelve Das Magic members, a couple of
their progeny, and a bunch of eleven or twelve year old
football players warming up on the soccer pitch. No referee,
no Ginger Ale House? It turns out, this game was not rescheduled.
Lucky for us, the game was at 11:00, not the normal start time;
unlucky for both squads, a real official never showed...this
guy was ridiculous. So horrendous, even Virgis was yelling
at him.....

The ref was indeed a joke, going so far as to miss a sweet
goal by Bob Vucinic off a short corner from Virgie. The ref's
crappy performance was no excuse for our lack of finishing.
While the opponent barely mustered two or three shots,
the Das Magic squad hit the opposing keeper with a barrage
of shots, some off target, some deadly strong strikes that
the goalie mightily deflected. One of the most notable
was a rocket half-volly from Chad Mozden from about 35 out.

With Fergie standing guard in the net for the first half and
Eric tending the posts in the second, we had reliable keeping
if necessary; they were barely challenged. In the seventy-eight
minute we were still locked in a disappointing 0-0 tie. Just
as it looked that we were destined to end even, a strong defensive
challenge at midfield resulted in a turnover. While in a man
advantage attack, Virgis overlapped and stuffed a left-footer
in the far post netting. A defensive mistake minutes later
led to an 'icing on the cake' tally as Virgis knocked a give-away
over the goal line inside the six. A 2-0 victory that probably
should have been much worse for Ginger keeps Das Magic FC at the top of the table.

This week is marking the start of a three game homestand at Marist. Let's have some fun.

Let's win on Sunday.

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Till next week,

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