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WrapUp from 04-08-2006

The results of the fall 2005 CASA season lingered over the collective heads of the DasMagic Football Club throughout the winter. DasMagic opened the spring 2006 season intent on taking their rightful place on the top of the league table. Beyond the stupidity displayed by DasMagic, Lincoln Park and the referee, the two-loss punishment was overly harsh.

On a crisp spring morning, playing on the manufactured astro-whatever turf at 32nd & central, DasMagic started the game controlling the field. With rare exception, this trend continued throughout the match. The DasMagic defense, led in the back by trent, contained possible breaks by Ginger Ale House allowing the midfield and strikers to attack with zeal.

Attach they did, generating several clean opportunies to score, especially by timmy neighbors. One entertaining attempt was the g.m. running through the middle on a tommy agua corner. G.M. made solid contact in hit the ball down, but, the opposing goalkeeper corralled the shot. Unfortunately, there was a force field about the net preventing timmy from scoring all day. Two different half-volly shots from between 18 – 25 feet showed chad will be a scoring force this season. Both deflected off the defense, but, regardless, the strength and direction were there on each attempt.

Mr. roe, arriving late as usual, turned out to be the saving factor to put us up 1-0 with a surgically placed shot from 22 into the lower right side netting midway through the second half. In a game that could have easily finished 5 or 6 nil, chris’s finish was the game winner.

A definite highlight was the tag team goaltending by a hobbled ‘the deliever’ (hamstring injury) and coming on in the second half, ‘the g.m.’ In one of the few dangerous situations in the match, the g.m. found himself out of position and made a single handed slap on a crossed ball to take the air out or the attacking opponent.

A solid, but, mediocre start to the season looks to be improved next week against Glen Ellyn at home.

Let's win on Sunday.

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Till next week,

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