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WrapUp from 04-22-2006

It turned out to be ‘Family Day’ at Das Magic Stadium this Sunday morning. The injured h. barsch showed up. He not only brought his wife and sons, but, sangria, beer and some kick ass pastrami meat. The new Harkness twins, fergie’s kids and lukus zuromskis were all along for the ride. The crowd was blessed with a terrific morning and afternoon, and a solid victory from the home club.

As I was unloading the truck and walking the chairs and the cooler to the bench, Das Magic stuffed in the first goal of the match. I don’t even know the owner of the goal. At about the 24th minute, Virgis crossed a ball to the 20 yard line. On a great crossing run, Chad received the ball on a half-volly. He stepped in front of a waiting defender, and headed the ball into the upper left corner of the goal. Das Magic 2, Glen Elynn 0. That turned out to be the winning goal. The home team continued to attack and control the game against a rather loose defense. The third goal came from a one touch cross from the Das Magic bench to the far left side. Timmy Neighbors put the ball away on a sweet finish (more on that in the ‘Golden Boot’ section). Not much later, at about the 75th minute, another cross from right to left connected with Chad at about the 16 for another cheeky header finish to the lower left of the net. The visiting squad scored a meaningless goal to add to the 5 - 1 result.

The goalkeeping was again solid. Eddy V. and G.M. Jenig traded halves and did what they had to do to keep our net empty (almost). Eddy played the first half aggressively and saw a bit more action than the G.M.. In what is fast becoming his signature move, the G.M. slapped away another dangerous crossed ball early in the second period. Thumps up boys!

Next week is a key game in the season as we meet up with Lincoln Park at Das Magic Stadium. It should be an interesting game since Tommy Waters in having an ‘all you can drink’ birthday party on Saturday night. Let’s knock those boys off their high horse.

Time to SHUT UP and PUT UP. Lincoln park goes down.

Let's win on Sunday.

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Till next week,

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