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WrapUp from 04-29-2006

It was a rain soaked day at Das Magic Stadium in Chicago, Illinois. This was a good omen for Das Magic FC in, historically, one of the best challanges of each season.

As the game kicked off, Das Magic was most comfortable with the conditions and pressured lincoln park's defense. Early on, the opposing goalie was caught out of the goal mouth and his clearance pass was intercepted by Chris R. at the 35 yd mark. Trying to compensate for the wind and rain, he knocked the ball wide right. This seemed to be the way of the game: we outplayed them, but did not convert opportunities. Their keeper continually made spectacular saves.

One of the most stellar, was on a patented Timmy N. spin shot from the 16. Das Magic couldn't capitalize on several expertly struck corner kicks by Chris R.; we never made the correct runs. Finally, on a corner kick to the penalty spot, Bob V. headed the ball in the air toward the goal line. Tommy V., Timmy and Reed challenged the Goalie for the ball. Tommy V. kept the pressure up and knocked the ball into the corner netting. On a debatable call late in the second half. The ref awarded Lincoln Park a direct hit from the 20. The opposing player stuffed the ball into the corner of the net for the equalizer.

Although we dominated the end-to-end action, and quadupled their opportities, the match ended in a 1-1 tie.

Let's win it for the mothers on Sunday.

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Till next week,

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