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WrapUp from 06-04-2006

...Take 294 North to Townline Rd West. South on Deerpath Road to Cheeroke Road....The one way trip was over 45 miles from Das Magic Stadium. Based on the club's history, it was likey that a full squad was unlikely. Also, based on Arrigo's record and goal differential, there wouldn't be much to worry about either. Well, so much for expectations...

Turns out, on the birthday of several of our founding members (eddy, charlie, and ihor), the former Cougars DM mustered fourteen players and the opposition gathered a few new faces to challange us for a decent game (especially in the first half).

The field was hard as a rock and so were some of our touches as the game began. Still, we soon were knocking the ball about the field generating ample scoring opportunites. Unfortunately, the ball was flying high and wide. Arrigo was creating a few scoring chances of there own in the first 20 minutes, but, we had Eric G.M. tending the nets.

Fulton poked in two goals when he broke through the defense and given well delivered passes, they were sitters. Trent added another one when the defense covered the passing lanes and he dribbled through and pushed the ball low and in the corner. Alex finally tallied a goal off one of Trent's several dangerous throwins into the goal mouth.

All in all, it was a solid 5-0 victory (could have used three more goals to take first place on goal differential). Next week starts the round robin playoff. We start with Global Rangers, lets take the Cup that belongs to us!

Let's win it on Sunday.

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Till next week,

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