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WrapUp from 06-11-2006

It was the first game of the round robin playoffs and Das Magic wants to simply win each game so as not to worry about the other team's results. The most dangerous team in the league to Das Magic... is Das Magic. Since all the playoff games are away from the home stadium, just getting our numbers out to the pitch is always a question mark.

The game started a bit late because the ref wanted to finish watching the early morning World Cup game between Mexico and Iran (3-1 mexico). We had enough players to start with a couple subs, but, 30 minutes into the game we lost Trent and Reed (Trent to a scratched cornea and Reed because he was tired.....ok, ok, Reed drove Trent to the hospital)

When Trent and Reed left, the score was 1-1. Moments later, Mark M. hit an excellent sliding shot off a loose ball into the lower left netting to put us ahead by a goal. Starting the second half, the Global Rangers came out strong and was pushing their attack. It didn't help matters that we couldn't put two passes together, and our finishing was lacking one thing, the ball making it into the goal.

Even though our offense was hitting sour notes, our defense stayed solid until a lapse in the 80th minute on a cross into the box. A solid header was knocked into the net to equalize the score.

Things were looking grim for Das Magic. A tie wouldn't have been devastating, but we are looking to put our stamp on this season by beating all comers in the round robin mini tournament. From the 84th to the 87th minute, it was Timmy Neighbors game (this weeks's Golden Boot Winner, check out the GBW review for details). His buried two shots in the back of the net for a 4-2 final and a win.

Celtic FC at 32nd & Central next week; 9:00 am game. Let's have a strong showing.

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