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WrapUp from 06-24-2007

For the second consecutive week, the numbers were ridiculously low. Some guys are hurt or told me they were not going to be there, (Timmy N. let me know five weeks ago that he couldn't make it) but, Das Magic has twenty-four players on the roster and we needed three 'alumni' to make twelve. Thanks to chad moz, A.J. and Ihor for getting us through this rough spot.

Even with the low (and old) numbers, we were not very concerned. Pittbull S.C. was in last place and were getting beat handily by teams that we dispensed of easily. By the 'associative law of futbol', we should take them down without breaking a sweat. Das Magic quickly jumped to a two goal deficit with some bad passing and lazy marking. Still, only fifteen minutes into the game, there was not much fear that the opposition would have a chance to hold on to their lead.

A.J. brought the ball down the right with and found Erik G.M. at the six, he calmly received the ball with three guys ( I mean seven guys) closing on him. When Erik tucked the ball passed the keeper to close the gap to 2-1, we thought it was the start of our rally. Unfortunatly, early in the second, we allowed another goal to bring us back to two goal down. At this point, Das stepped up the attach, but, as had been the case all day (and last week), our goals per short average is/was abissmal. Some days, we just cannot finish!

It was time for 'The Deliverer' Barsch to step into the picture. After attracting little defensive attention on top, he trapped the crossed ball by Ihor at the twenty-five with his back to the net and quickly turned (for Henry) and placed a left footer into the netting. This started Ihor's prophetic calls of 'Give the ball to me if we want to score'. Once gain, we were ready to snatch a victory from the feet of the opposition. But, with the defense pushed up and Tommy W. sitting on the bench with a shiney new red card on his record, we were exposed defensively and Pittbull used the four two player advantage to increase their lead to 4-2 with less than twenty minutes to play.

Das Magic F.C. was desperately pushing forward and continuing to miss juicy opportunites to score. With fourteen minutes left, fergie rescued Das from certain defeat with a flat footed six yarder off another Ihor cross from the right wing that slipped passed several defenders. Now, only one goal down, the visiting team was running out of time to make things right.

'The Deliverer' delivered!

Into injury time, Henry chest trapped a ball in the penalty box and quickly knocked the game tying goal passed the keeper's outstretched hand to salvage a point for the exhaused division leaders.

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