'Das Quote of The Week:'

When he said it: 08.8.2015
Who said It: Trent 'Oh Canada' Douglas
What he said: "Your not getting by me after 'megging me......"
Why He said it: During the a game, Trent was megged then promptly stood tall and floored the dude with his body

When he said it: 08.7.2015
Who said It: Steve 'Fortuna' Roy
What he said: "...Got to get back to 'The Kids'......"
Why He said it: Golfing in Baraboo and Steve was golfing with Fergie and Paul Charles, we pulled him from his threesome to show him our 3 tee shows are on the green, Fergie and Paul were having LOTS of fun.

When he said it: 06.21.2015
Who said It: Trent 'Oh Canada' Douglas
What he said: "Hey Reed, the ball is coming to your right foot......"
Why He said it: Five minutes before Reed mistrapped a ball that turned into a break-away and goal

When he said it: 08.10.2013
Who said It: Anton 'Doughboy' Jenig
What he said: "You know the problem with beating up a china-man, you beat one up and then in an hour you want to beat up another"
Why He said it: Bad joke at Baraboo with perfect timing and cracked everyone up

When he said it: 08.10.2013
Who said It: Trent 'Oh Canada' Douglas
What he said: "Are they alright? What is with the weird bumps they have on their stomachs"
Why He said it: When the Madison team took off their shirts after the match revealing their six-pack abs

When he said it: 06.14.2013
Who said It: Kevin 'Bullet' Moran
What he said: "Yeah I know. I gotta start knocking broads up so I can do what I want on father's day. "
Why He said it: Missing game of Father's day because of family obligations

When he said it: 06.06.2011
Who said It: Bob V
What he said: "I really liked that shot, until it landed...."
Why He said it: Golfing for Eddy's birthday weekend in Lake Carol
updated: 07.31.2011:

When he said it: 08.16.2009 (Baraboo)
Who said It: Coach of Khaboor
What he said: "This guys is so old, he should be retired from his job...."
Why He said it: About Bobvuc because he is old and we were winning
updated: 08.23.2009:

When She said it: 08.10.2009 (Baraboo)
Who said It: Johnny's girlfriend's sister (name to come later)
What she said: "...Those guys are gay!..."
What she said: "...Warming up is for losers.."
Why He said it: Watching the first team we are supposed to play in the open tournament in Baraboo after winning the Over-32 Championship!
updated: 08.15.2009:

When He said it: 09.03.2008
Who said It: Anonymous (..you know who you are...)
What he said: "...I want Tommy's balls..."
Why He said it: talking about a pass on the soccer field......YEA RIGHT!
updated: 09.03.2008:

When He said it: 04.23.2008
Who said It: Mark Suda ('Suda')
What he said: "Don't send her to Catholic high school...just send her to the Netherlands and let her smoke dope!
Why He said it: Erich G.M. trying to decide if the twins should go to the same high school....
updated: 04.23.2008:

When He said it: 11.29.2007
Who said It: Erich G.M.
What he said: "Are we going to eat or are we going to drink???"
Why He said it: Bobvuc ordered chicken wings at the bar 'WHILE' we were drinking, 'D.R' (Diper Rash) didn't like it....
updated: 11.29.2007:

When He said it: 08.22.2007
Who said It: Erich G.M.
What he said: "Don't pass the ball where you think I should be to score a goal, pass the ball were I am to score a goal. I will be in the right place......."
Why He said it: Discussing a pass Timmy Neighbors made to the 'G.M.' during practice while having beers after practice!
updated: 08.31.2007:

When He said it: 07.11.2007
Who said It: Tommy 'Agua' Waters
Who else said It: Erich G.M.
What They said: Tommy 'Agua' Waters: "If I knew I was going to play like that, I would have stayed at home and played with myself"
Erich G.M.: "You wouldn't have 'finished' that either"
Why He said it: funny!
updated: 07.14.2007:

When He said it: 06.06.2007
Who said It: Paul 'Charlie' Charles
What He said: "It is what it is, so, it is what is when it is was it is.....so, it is what it is!"
Why He said it: ????
updated: 06.19.2007:

When He said it: 05.30.2007
Who said It: Das Magic 'Young Guy'
What He said: question: what are you doing? response: "we just got off the field."
question: when are you going to be home? response: "later, when were done"
Why He said it: his words and actions after a wednesday practice session after receiving a few calls from his 'lady'
updated: 05.21.2007:

When He said it: 05.12.2007
Who said It: Erich G.M.
What He said: "..ok, fullbacks, just clear the ball because you cannot trap the ball.
Make sure you clear it over the midfield because we cannot trap or pass. It doesn't help to get the
ball to the forwards, because they cannot score. We might as well just call the game now and take the
Why He said it: a halftime 'inspirational' speech when we were tied 1-1 and weren't looking
very good against a pretty average team.
updated: 05.21.2007:

When He said it: 09.10.2006
Who said It: Mark Suda ('Suda')
What He said: "Fergie is having trouble breathing because his
jersery is so tight it is constricting his lungs"
Why He said it: fergie was wearing an extremely tight, throw back jersey.
updated: 09.10.2006:

When He said it: .......
Who said It: Mark Suda ('Suda')
What He said: "Henry, there are plenty of guys open, they're the
guys in white that look like cheeseburgers....."
Why He said it: at practice this week, henry was playing with the
'young guys' and he was complaining that nobody was
making runs to get open
updated: 06.23.2006:

When He said it: .......
Who said It: Johnny Murillo ('The Mexican')
What He said: "Nice flag work Tommy....."
Why He said it: complimenting Tommy V on his excellent sideline 'guy'
work in our 6-1 victory over Celtic FC.
updated: 10.19.2005:

When He said it: .......
Who said It: Former Manchester United and Northern Ireland soccer star George Best
What He said: "I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds and fast
cars the rest I just squandered"
Why He said it: why not?
updated: 10.07.2005:

When He said it: 09.11.2005
Who said It: Jimmy Harkness
What He said: "Are you with the National Enquirer?"
Why He said it: jimmy posed the question to the man behind our goal
with the telephoto lens and the fishing hat
updated: 10.12.2004:

When He said it: 10.10.2004
Who said It: Mark Suda
What He said: "It's not like I was shitting on the sofa,
I was just playing with my junk!"
Why He said it: describing a 'morning after' years ago when
'the roomate' found him lying on the leather couch ,
because he didn't want to sleep with the girl

When He said it: 09.25.2004
Who said It: Chris Roe
What He said: "Good job, you figured him out!"
Why He said it: The genius on the other team, after
Virgie scored 2 goals in about 10 minutes,
'Defend his left foot, he is going to
his left!!!'

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